the ideal radios

I'm in love. Isn't it beautiful? And not only is it nice to look at, apparently the sound is just marvelous. It has tuners that "brings clarity to even the weakest stations" and has "superb sound reproduction" with "improved bass output". If the radio doesn't have everything you want, then hey, it's compatible with iPods and other players. And if you're like me, thinking that it would be perfect if it just played CDs, too, then... well, you need to buy another one. I guess no one's perfect.

(If you can live without a CD player, maybe you can live without a clock, too - because those ones are very pretty... actually, they might be better looking. I would just really need it to have an alarm.)

Alice  – (January 08, 2007)  

Helen got that for her birthday from Will last year and I always thought that it was gorgeous. :) Are you planning on getting it?

Gwen  – (January 09, 2007)  

I've read a few things on this site about concern for well-made things, so I thought you might want to know about Greenpeace's movement to get Mac to green up its products.

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