As you may have noticed, I added the snap gadget to the site, so when you roll over a link, you can see a preview of the page it links to.

So... what do you think? Is this annoying? Helpful? Useless? Awesome? Let us know what you think.

UPDATE: Thanks for the feedback. Consensus is that snap is no good, so I've snapped out of it. (Please note that puns are non-removable from this blog.)

Lindsay  – (January 30, 2007)  

Ah! Annoying. I don't like! Those Snap previews have been bugging me on other sites.

Alice  – (January 31, 2007)  

Um, yeah, I'm in agreement with the other commenters.
Question though: why doesn't it do it for the comments and time links?

lucy  – (February 01, 2007)  

you know, at first i thought "wow, that's neat." i like the idea, and hadn't seen it before. shortly after, "not martha" had a link showing you how to disable it. i can imagine that it would, after a while, get annoying...

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