ceci n'est pas du bois

Fake wood... Is it cheesy? Clever? Ugly? Retro? Kitsch? Ironic? Original? Overused? Utterly brilliant? Who knows, who cares. I, for one, love it - for a mixture of reasons. I just bought some new sunglasses with plastic frames that look like wood grain - and they're fab.

Whether you can't get enough of it or can't stand it, in this day and age you know that someone's going to blog about it. It's (K)not Wood is a blog entirely devoted to fake wood - or "faux bois" to true conoisseurs. Let me repeat that, with empahsis: Devoted! Entirely! To! Fake! Wood! This is why I love the internets.

A few of my faves featured on the blog are the wood grain pillow by Hunter Gatherer, the xbox360 wooden faceplate, this wooden sketchbook, this "Logs in Pants" print by Saelee Oh, and the birch paintings by Lisa Congdon.

And yes, they even cover wood-panelled cars.

Sonny  – (January 31, 2007)  

I'm totally going to get that xbox 360 face plate now.

Anonymous –   – (January 31, 2007)  

Just as nature intended, Sonny.

Lindsay  – (February 01, 2007)  

Le bois faux c'est super!

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