5 minute tv hack

Here's a five-minute hack that will make your living room a happier place.

This evening, I was lounging around after a tough day at work when I looked over the side of the couch and my mind clicked. A couple of months ago, I bought an ultra-adorable Sukie handkerchief at the also-adorable Occupied shop. (If you're in Vancouver, go.) I've kept it since then, thinking that I'd like to something special with it... I also have this wooden picture frame that's old and worn with lovely peeling paint. That's been leaning up against the wall in my living room, waiting for me to do something special with it... And that's when it clicked: I should bring these special things together. What's more, I've been thinking of making a tv cozy ever since I saw this one.

So I mashed up these three good things - and it only took five minutes! I ironed the handkerchief flat, taped it around the frame's plexiglass, slipped it back into the frame and propped it up in front of the tv. Voila! Instantt tv cozy / artwork / cover.

Sukie is one of my favourite newly discovered illustrators. Take the handkerchief, for instance: aligators, inuit, guys with moustaches wearing shorts, pink peacocks, flying squirrels, four-legged crows, smiling hands, little green guys riding big cats... What more could you want? Check out Sukie's site for more of the awesome.

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