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Northern Voice was fun. So many iBooks and cameras, it was crazy. You can a fraction of the kazillion photos that were taken on flickr here, here and here.

Here's a photo of me and Monique. Yes, the guy behind us is wearing a hat with moose antlers.

It seemed like there were a lot of bloggers there who blogged about and/or worked with blogging and technology, instead of bloggers like me, who blog about things other than blogs. But that was fine - I like all that techy-geeky stuff, and besides, lots of crafters craft about craft.

I learned a bit more about wikis and how to use them in education; how to use blog software to run a whole site, not just your blog (hmm, tempting...); digital photography tips; as well as some more general stuff about blogging, web 2.0, and theories about how we communicate and relate to each other and how technology may influence that. Interesting stuff.

One of the sessions I missed on Friday was about people's favourites little online tools. Here are a few I like:

  • Paparazzi lets you take screenshots of a site (like the picture here).
  • Text Expander will automatically "type" pre-set chunks of text when you type in code words. Useful if you're always including certain pieces of information in emails, like maybe your shipping address.
  • VoodooPad is kind of like a wiki, kind of like a notepad. I like that you can make and save quick little sketches in it.

And now for a few blogger-meets-crafter links!

** Terramia **  – (February 26, 2007)  

Neat little blog you have here!

I couldn't make it over the pond for the conference... but fortunately I know heaps who went!

Your tips are helpful!

Keep up your awesome work.... (:

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