another kind of tree house

Look closely at this tree...

Right at the bottom ... there's a tiny door!!!

I discovered this on a recent walk... The door's only about three feet tall, and has it's own doorknob and doorbell. I didn't dare ring though, as the address is 666. I choose to ignore that last detail; I'd prefer to think some nice gnome or a family of urban bear lives there.

Anonymous –   – (February 17, 2007)  

Is that in Vancouver? It looks like it might be...whereabouts? (I live in the LM and wouldn't mind checking it out.)

Anonymous –   – (February 17, 2007)  

Hey Anonymous, good eye! Yes, it is in Vancouver. It's in the West End, on the corner of Nelson St & Jervis St.

Anonymous –   – (February 19, 2007)  

Ah! That's a great find. I live in Burnaby, I should drop by sometime and take a look :)

Alice  – (February 19, 2007)  

Please someone go and knock on it and see what happens!

Anonymous –   – (March 01, 2007)  

I'm going to pop by and knock.

Though I've never noticed the little door I thought it looked like it was in the West End.
I'm sort of jazzed to see it in person.

I love strange little doors in trees.

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