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With the nagging feeling that I'm going to have to move soon (I really dislike moving), I'm slowly organizing, trimming, arranging, and preparing to pack my things. In particular, my craft corner has gotten a little out of control over the three years I've been in this apartment, and needs some attention. When I saw this lovely suitcase, was I ever pleased! Not only would that be a handy way to store all my stuff (knitting needles, scissors, jars of buttons, piles of zippers and other bits...), it'd be all ready for movin'! Plus, I love old suitcases. Now all I have to do is find one - I so rarely see any in my area that I like. Sio, want to mail me one from Van?

Siobhan  – (February 05, 2007)  

Try thrift stores. I found my green one at the Sally Ann... but only after several times of going back there and NOT finding anything... It's all about timing! :)

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