so, a llama visits the dentist...

Not long after I posted that photo of the happy-making llama in a scarf, one of our readers, Carrie, left a comment that I could not resist investigating. She mentioned a segement she'd seen on TV about a llama visiting the dentist.

"What?! Really?," I thought, "That sounds amazing! ...To Google!"

So Google, I did. My search brought me to this site, which had a collection of links to Sesame Street clips. The funniest thing was reading the many requests for the song, "Me and My Llama", which rapidly grew more desperate and frenzied. It started off innocently enough, with questions like "Does anyone know where "Me and My Llama" can be found?", but then things went downhill...

"Please, someone find Me and My Llama!!!"

"I am also dying to watch ME AND MY LLAMA!! Please someone find it!!"

"noo.... we want the llama plZ!!!!!!!!!!!"

"ME AND MY LLAMA PLEASE! our lives are in your hands. please let us live. we need me and my llama"

"am desperate; someone needs to find this me and my llama soon"

Finally - thank goodness - somebody found the video online. So, without further ado, here it is: the video of the Seasame Street song, "Me and My Llama". And yes, it was worth the wait.

There are tons of other great Sesame Street clips linked from that site, including these gems:

Sesame Street rules.

Anonymous –   – (February 10, 2007)  

Yes!! Thank you for finding that! No wonder I never could as I had convinced myself it was from Mr. Rogers not Sesame Street. I have a feeling that song wil be stuck in my head for quite a while.

Austen  – (February 14, 2007)  

Holy moly, that llama+dentist video is one of my strongest Sesame Street memories! (Waaaay better than those crazy googly-headed "yup yup yup" aliens!) Awesome.

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