bringing the rainbow inside, part two

I've seen others do it, I watched Siobhan do it and post about it, and now I've finally had the time to do it myself. And I adore it. Thank goodness I have so many vintage kids' books - otherwise some sections (yellow, for instance) would have been sparse.

Anonymous –   – (July 02, 2007)  

YES!!! It looks beautiful!
Bookshelf rainbows will take over the world!

Anonymous –   – (July 03, 2007)  

It is lovely, indeed. I've gone from thinking it's ridiculous, to seeing the logic in it. But how would I shelve my Raj Quartet, in which the cover design is unified by having the same design in 4 different colours for the 4 books of the quartet? Would I have to break them up!? And then there is "Staying On", a fifth book which is a coda to the quartet, but since I bought that one as a library discard; the colour, design and format have nothing to do with the other 4 books in the series. Yet I must shelve them together!

Maybe the solution is to keep a hidden shelf (in a closet? a cupboard?) for books like these which have to be grouped on other criteria than colour.

Anonymous –   – (July 05, 2007)  

ha! it looks wonderful - isn't it soothing in a cheery way? ...i was ruthless and divided up the sets :-)

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