my second quilt ever

My first quilt was a few years ago now, and it never ended up actually getting quilted. (I can't figure out how you're supposed to be able to do that, by machine. Where do you stuff all that material when you're working on the middle?) Since I stopped working on it, I've moved twice and have carried it with me, in the hope of someday taking that last step. But, nothing.
It can be hard to finish things when you didn't really like how it looked all that much in the first place. Plus, it's small; a lap quilt at best. Who needs that? But now, I have new plans! Start from scratch! A quilt I'll want to use for my bed, and that I'll be proud of! This time, I mean it. So here's how I'm planning to make it stick this time:
1) Nicer, more interesting squares - I'm using some sample square patterns from a webpage on finite geometry. I didn't like how plain the squares were last time, so even though it will take a lot longer this way, I feel like I'll be more likely to persevere with the quilt if the end product will look great.
2) Planning - I kind of did this before, and it was worth it. Figuring it all out mathematically makes me feel safer - what if I did all this work and then found I hadn't measured right and it was lopsided? No, thanks. So I've got five kinds of square patterns to start with chosen from the link above, and have broken them down to figure out what pieces I need, how many, and which colours.
3) Sentimental/great fabric - I'm using fabric that my Mom brought for me the last time she visited - it's all stuff that she found when cleaning out the linen closet, stuff that's left over from when my brother and I were little and Mom made a lot of our clothes. (I know, so great. My mom is amazing. She used to make her own yoghurt, too.)
4) Accountability - Instead of posting after the fact, like last time, I'm starting now; this way, I will have to report to someone and hopefully that will keep me on my toes.

It begins. One square down, over a hundred to go. (That's how many I'll need if I intend to keep the final quilt at a double bed size.) Yeesh. What have I gotten myself into?

Wish me luck!

Anonymous –   – (March 23, 2009)  

You don't do the actual quilting on a machine - as you rightly say, there is not enough room between the body of the machine and the needle for all the fabric - quilt have always traditionally been hand quilted - you just sew running stitch all over them in whatever pattern you fancy - to do able to do the quilting on a machine you would need to buy a long-arm machine especially for this purpose like this one:

Anonymous –   – (March 24, 2009)  

This is a really good way to make use of sentimental fabric! How big is each square? I expect regular status updates (with pics!)

Alice  – (March 24, 2009)  

That sounds awesome, Lindsay! I can't wait to see the final product --and the process, for that matter! Which five patterns did you pick?

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