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I finally got around to taking some more photos of my pottery from my first course. I took a ten-week class at my local community centre, and totally loved every minute of it.

(It was the first time I'd done pottery since grade 8, when I made a, um, bowl? pot? pencil holder? Heh.)

Every Wednesday night I'd some home exclaiming things like "Tonight I made a bowl! a BOWL! Eee!" and "I learned how to make a HANDLE!" And when I actually got to bring my first piece home... ahh! Amazing.

It's infinitely satisfying to eat and drink out of dishes that I made myself. I'm used to working with fabric or paper... having made something so, for lack of a better word, solid is a whole new feeling for me.

This lil' guy is the smallest piece I made - just from a tiny bit of clay left over from something else that fell over on the wheel! - but he's one of my faves.

This one was fun to make: a planter pot. You can't see it in this photo, but it has a drain hole in it. Now I just need a cute little succulent to plant in it.

I was super excited to make a teapot! I didn't get a chance to glaze it before the course ended, so it's only been bisque fired so far. Hopefully it's not too spilly when it pours!

I can't wait to take another class in the Fall and get back to the wheel.

Holly  – (July 09, 2010)  

Very impressive, Siobhan! It must be so cool to eat and drink out of dishes you made with your own two hands!

siobhan  – (July 09, 2010)  

Thanks, Holly! It is a really great feeling.

Unknown  – (July 10, 2010)  

hey siobhan,

these are lovely. the little one is my favourite as well, but i can't really articulate why that is. :)


Nancy L  – (July 14, 2010)  

Wow. You are so talented. I took a few pottery classes a number of years ago and loved it but boy, you definitely progressed alot further than I did. I think I actually took 4-5 classes. Where specifically did you take the classes?

Siobhan  – (July 19, 2010)  

Thanks, Nancy! I took the classes at the West End Community Centre in Vancouver.

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