Craft Rock Friday with Matt Griffo, Keston Cobblers Club ... and a Whole Bunch of Ukulele Videos!

Happy Craft Rock Friday, everyone. We're fully into Fall now, when it's dark and cold in the mornings and it's pretty hard to get out of bed and get yourself to work. So today, we're going to warm up with a little Craft Rock featuring plasticine narwhal and unicorn who fall in love...

Matt Griffo - "One Love"

Are you smiling yet? Maybe just a little? Now really get your day going with the rest of  Uke Hunt 's round ups of ukulele videos of the year so far: do yourself a ukulele-flavoured favour and click through to see both Part One and Part Two.

This video for Keston Cobblers Club's "You Go" is particularly lo-fi fabulous.

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