A Sea of Sunflower Seeds

On now at the Tate Modern, artist Ai Weiwei has created a room full of sunflower seeds... over 100 million of them. Wow.

Actually, double wow because the sunflower seeds are actually individually handmade porcelain replicas of seeds.

Since that video was made, the Tate has roped off the exhibit, as they've had so many visitors that the seeds are getting damaged and the ceramic dust could be a health risk.

Ai Weiwei's video about the artwork is really interesting. It highlights the amazingly extensive amount of work that went into creating it.

Read more about the exhibit on the Tate's website.

ArianeK  – (October 26, 2010)  

WOW indeed. I was mesmerized by the video about the production of them too, so crazy and fascinating...

Janine  – (October 27, 2010)  

So amazing - at once inspiring and bittersweet.

I would love to have a jar of these seeds; perhaps the Tate might sell them to give back more to the community where they were made...

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