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"Food is healty, tasty, and ergonomic," states this website featuring the work of Barcelona's Martí Guixé. But don't start thinking that this is about cooking or baking. Apparently, "a food designer is someone working with food, with no idea of cooking." Food-Designing features designs of restaurants, tools, and packaging, too, but I'm here to tell you about the food. Some of the designs are ingenious, some are helpful, and some are just plain fun.

I particularly like: the 7-step cookie, which instructs the eater how to bite it; the fortune cookie, which tells your fortune depending on how it breaks; the flavoured stamps (takes the old scratch 'n sniff up a notch!); the post-it chip, a little snack that's there when you need it; and the orange lollypop with a seed inside... a way to "activate sporadic and spontaneous reforestation just by splitting the seed once the candy is finished"! Sweet.

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