cuteness begets cuteness begets cuteness

You know the saying "like attracts like"? I'd like amend it to "I like attracts I like".

I Like #1: First, I came across this adorable photo of amigurumi bears on the Occupied Shoppe's flickr. I love their little growly smiles.

A comment on the flickr photo led me to this enviable artists' pillow collection, including one by Malota, who I've already raved about. Which would be I Like #2.

Turns out that the same person who owns those pillows also made those little red bears: M. Patrizio. Her work is I Like #3. M. Patrizio is a powerhouse of cute production. Painting, illustration, and crocheted toys galore. Go explore the cute on M. Patrizio's portfolio, blog and etsy shop.

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