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I've been back from my trip for 12 days, and have yet to unpack. That, plus the fact that my only gesture towards tidying up recently (actually, for much too long) has been to drop things onto a "I'll Deal With This Later" pile. Or rather, piles. Plural.

So today has been all about tidying up. So far, that's just resulted in me spreading my mess into other areas of the house, under the guise of "organizing". Where's all this stuff going to go?

Yeeks. All that stuff was piled on my desk, and the result was not pretty. It'd be nice to have a workspace that's clear, organized and also supercute, like Treefort's calm, colour-coordinated area:

If anyone has some good organizing tips, especially for papers etc (besides a filing cabinet), please share them!

Anonymous –   – (June 24, 2007)  

I, too, am not a fan of your standard metallic filing cabinets. We solve our problem by (after, frankly, an exhaustive search) finding an awesome antique filing cabinet. You can see part of it in the corner of this shot:

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